Can I use a Solar Generator when in the cold?

Last Updated: 11 months ago

Q: - Can I use a Solar Generator when in the cold?

A: - Yes, you can use a solar generator when it's cold, as long as the unit itself is not freezing. The main point to realize is that lithium batteries do not like extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Especially when it comes to recharging your unit, if the battery is freezing, you will damage it permanently if you charge it.

The generator itself can get cold, but before you use it, make sure to get it back to more normal temperature.

  • For example, if you are using a solar generator to power your #vanlife conversion, the temperature outside can be cold, but as long as the ambient temperature in your van is good, you can use your generator no problem.

The most important take away is to NOT charge up your generator when its freezing; you can do irreparable damage to your battery.

  • Check out the video below to get a more in-depth look at the topic.


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