How do I Track My Order?

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If you have placed an order, and you have a question about your tracking information, this is the article for you.

  • Didn't receive tracking information
  • Shipment is not in transit
  • Missing delivery

Check out our shipping page, for more in-depth information.

Current shipping times are around 9-12 business days.

Here are some common shipping inquiries

1. I did not receive any tracking information

    • Our team e-mails 99% of tracking information to customers. Before reaching out about tracking, please check your email (inbox, spam folder, social folders, etc). There is a very good chance that we have e-mailed your tracking already.
    • If you cannot find an email, please check your text messages. We might have sent your tracking via text if we could not send it via e-mail

2. Tracking received, but is not moving

    • This happens all the time, especially during busy season. Our warehouse team has created the label for your order and we are waiting for the shipping company to pick it up. Please be patient, once the product is picked up it will be scanned and you will be able to track the shipment.

3. Tracking shows delivered but I don't have the package

    • This happens way more often then you would think. Please follow the below steps, as they usually resolve the issue the majority of the time.
      1. Verify the shipping address in your original confirmation e-mail
      2. Look for a notice of attempted delivery
      3. Look around the delivery location (front door, garage, main entrance, etc)
      4. See if someone else accepted the delivery (neighbor, building manager/superintendent, etc)
      5. Check your mailbox, or wherever else you receive mail (some packages travel through multiple carriers)
      6. Wait 48 hours before reaching out, in rare cases packages say delivered before actual arrival
      7. Contact the carrier directly and gather all useful information

If you still need help, reach out to our Customer Support Team:

**You will have all the proper context and information for us to be able to help you properly.**

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