How many (Wh) in my Battery?

Max BM
Last Updated: 9 months ago

When designing a solar system, most of the information is discussed using Watts. Your solar panels are measured in watts, the your inverter is measured in watts, and then when it comes to the batteries, they are normally measured in Amps. This makes it confusing for people when trying to figure out the converesion between Amps and Watts. As you will see below, the conversion is actually super simple.

In order to calculate watts from your battery, the calculation is as follows:

  • Amps x Volts = watts | 206Ah x 12v = 2472wh

So, in the example above if you had a 12 volt, 206 amp hour battery like this, you can calculate the watt hours by simply multiplying the voltage by the amps.

If you want something even easier, you can use this calculator to figure out watts and amps and volts as well! --> Click here



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