How many batteries do I need?

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The first step in figuring out how many batteries you need is to understand what you want to power. Oner you know your goals then you can figure out how much power these appliances require, then you can figure out your battery bank size.

Your first step will be to add up the appliances and their draw by the amount of time per day that you need to run them. You can use our Load Calculator for this.

For example, if you want to run a TV and + sound bar for 5 hours per day, and the TV + gaming station takes 150 watts, then the forumla would looks like this:

  • 150 watts x 5 hours per day = 750 watt hours (wh)

So you now know that you need to store at least 750 watt hours in order to meet your power needs.

However, you also need to factor in some backup power in case the sun isn’t shining or the weather is cloudy.  We suggest factoring in 3-5 days of backup power depending on your location.

So you take your first calculation, and you will multiply it by the days of back-up you choose.

Example: You want to factor 3 backup days of power for bad weather

  • 750 wh x 3 = 2,250 wh

You’ll need at least a 2,250 wh battery bank.

It’s always smart to be on the bigger side of things when it comes to storage since we never know what type of conditions we might run into.

That being said, depending on what type of weather conditions you’re in, if you’re getting lots of sun, you could technically run off of one battery while keeping it fully charged by going with a much bigger array to offset the smaller battery.

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