What does AC & DC power mean?

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Q: - What is AC & DC power mean?

A: - This is a common question, and one that people who are newer into solar and electrical get hung up on.

  • AC power stands for Alternating Current - This is the type of power that will come out of the inverter in a solar generator. It's the same type of power that comes out of your outlets at home, 99% of your household appliances use AC power.
  • DC power stands for Direct Current - This type of power comes right from the battery and does not need to go through an inverter, which makes it more efficient.

From the point of view of a solar generator, in order to use it on most of your household appliances like fridges, freezers, washing machines, coffee pots etc, you will be using the inverter, or AC power.

When you are using the USB outlets, the 12V outlet etc from your Solar Generator, you will be using DC power.

  • Check out the video above for a more in-depth discussion on the topic.

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