Why are Solar Generators so expensive?

Last Updated: 9 months ago


Q: - Why are Solar Generators so expensive?

A: - The short answer to this question is.......Lithium.

Most solar generators these days, at least the highest quality ones, have a large lithium battery inside, and that is not cheap.

Since we started selling Solar Generators, years ago now, the prices have come down SIGNIFICANTLY. However, it's still the case that 90% of the cost of a solar generator is still the battery inside.

Luckily, with the battery chemistry now a days you can expect anywhere from 7-10, maybe even 15 years from a solar generator which makes the investment worth it. Especially since once you have panels and a generator, you never need to purchase anything ever again, making these a much better long term investment than a gas or diesel generator.

  • Check out the video below for a more in-depth explanation of solar generator cost.

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